Art & Industry – Causa Creations: Art, education and immersive entertainment – Holy Fire

Holy Fire is a poetic documentary VR experience that focuses on the desires flaring up in the history of nuclear energy. In this talk, we will show materials from the pilot that is currently in development and how we are attempting to create a unique visual language that works within the tight constraints of mobile VR devices. Holy Fire follows a very non-traditional and interdisciplinary approach, exploring how artistic practices from theater, media art and animation can be used (or not) when working on an artistically minded VR experience.

Holy Fire is a project by Causa Creations, a boutique game development studio located in Vienna, Austria that specializes in the creation of immersive experiences and games, often with a socio-political background. Causa Creations aims to produce a high quality artistic VR piece to be experienced around the globe. We will provide a short overview of the company, its history and projects and then dive into our idiosyncratic tools and procedures for XR projects.