Art & Industry – Martin Retschitzegger: Navigating Hybrid Workflows for Moving Images in Space

As part of his collaborative contribution of real-time visuals for the un-ctrl performance at the Deep Space 8k during this year’s Ars Electronica Festival, Martin will speak about his experiences and perspectives on the ever changing landscape of creating moving images for physical and virtual spaces. As creative director and technological lead at the Berlin-based studio m box, Martin has co-created countless linear, interactive, generative and immersive projects for small screens to large-format spatial experiences. m box started originally as a pure 3D animation and motion design company, but quickly evolved through various artistic and technical challenges to a hybrid studio that also strongly focuses on the creation and programming of interactive and generative installations and visuals. One of Martin’s key goals is to bring the performative and creative possibilities of real-time tools to non-coding artists and, by doing so, help to blur the still existing boundaries between linear and interactive workflows. This has led to the development of the in-house m ctrl real-time performance framework, which will be used for the performance and also demonstrated during the talk.