Deep Space 8K: Martina Scarpelli – Egg, kai — a little too much, Cosmoetico

Italian filmmaker based in Denmark with studies in Milan, Turin, and a variety of residence experiences and distinctions. Works as an animation director, creative director and producer of provocative stories with sophisticated storytelling that can challenge yet inspire audiences of today. She likes working on projects that are sexy, funny, and a little rude and smart.

Egg (2018) — An intimate story of a woman locked at home, attracted to and scared of an egg. She eats the egg, she repents, she kills it, letting it die of hunger, portraying a moment of shame, defeat, and yet of victory.

kai — a little too much (2020) — In an imaginary space, a woman lets go of herself and overcomes the fear of her own greatness, discovering her body, embracing her emotions, and learning to own the parts that make her HER.

Cosmoetico (2015) — A girl looks for answers to big questions regarding her role as a small part or creator of the cosmos; she reflects on the existence of reality and her relationship with it.

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