Expanded & Hybrid – Franziska Bruckner: Between the Frames: Expanding Stop-Motion for Virtual and Hybrid Environments

“What happens between each frame is much more important than what exists on each frame.” (Norman McLaren c.f. in Sifianos 1995: 62)

But what happens if this “between” is  connecting the real and the virtual world? The art-based research project VRinMotion investigates how characteristics of analogue stop-motion animation and data sets of motion-capturing can be adapted as an expanded animation concept in contemporary art discourse. Through the experimental combination with virtual reality, the project explores their potential beyond filmic boundaries. For this purpose, the project aims for an artistic expansion and hybridization of such techniques.The presentation will focus on the process and outcome of the project’s first artistic experiment, “Experimotion I”. In collaboration with the animation artist Max Hattler, the VRinMotion team created hybrid artistic tools and workflows in order to artistically discover, advance, and build innovative prospects for the integration of cut-out animation in hybrid and virtual environments. The talk will also discuss the collaborative art-based research process of the involved artists, technicians and theorists.