Games & Art – Margarete Jahrmann: Hybrid Ludic Assemblages

The concept of assemblage allows the connection of art, scientific approaches, and socially relevant action. In hybrid game assemblages, in prototypes of Experimental Game Cultures, we focus on the conscious change of established dynamics (of world) of the game – in ludic arrangements between human and non-human actants. The goal in Ludic Art is a critical reflection on the social impact of games and at the same time the prototypical development of innovative game concepts and approaches. And the Expanded narrtion in “anim/ation” – belebte Materie und Spiel – artistic play is the experimental testing and subjective experience of possibilities of the world. The Ludic as a participatory process can show us new forms of future society, politics, and empathy. By transforming systems of rules, ambiguity as a quality in play, a new understanding of the global challenges of our time can emerge.

In the Neuromatic Game Art Research lab we exemplarily develop experimental hybrid (not expanded – but deep!) animations with neurointerfaces as source and constant feedbacktool tool/toy.

Neuromatic Brainwave Broadcast channel.

We aim to introduce Game Changer Games!