Prix Forum – Computer Animation

The Prix Ars Electronica is the world’s most time-honored media arts competition since 1987, and from its inception, it has kept working as a trend barometer that continues to change with the times. Along with the CyberArts exhibition, the Prix Forum is always one of highlights of the Ars Electronica Festival and a great opportunity to get to know the Prix Ars Electronica winning artists. Audiences can expect to learn more about what piques the artists’ curiosity, what issues or technologies they explore, and what creative processes shape their projects. As indicated by the title of the Jury Statement of Interactive Art + “Radical Consciousness,” many of the works in each category encourage the transformation of our consciousness through their social actions. We are used to ignoring or not paying much attention to matters such as sleep, bodily senses, ancestral knowledge, bacterial behavior, viewpoints of minorities, and government injustice — elements highlighted by the artists to build a new, radical consciousness. The Prix Forum will feature artist talks by this year’s top three Prix Ars Electronica winners as well as open discussions chaired by the category jury. The Visionary Pioneer of Media Art category will feature talks by Charles Armikhanian and by award winner Laurie Anderson. Panels featuring the categories Computer Animation, Interactive Art + and Digital Communities will be chaired by Isabelle Arvers, José-Carlos Mariátegui and Thomas Gegenhuber respectively.

Detailed schedule: