Image of Antanas Skucas & Julius Zubavicius

Antanas Skučas & Julius Zubavičius

@ Director & Sound Designer

Antanas Skučas (LT) is a Lithuanian  director, animator, artist. Antanas is a graduate of M. K. Čiurlionis National Art School. In 2008 he got a degree of the Master of Arts, graduating from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with his diploma work – Lithuanian mythological beings. His filmography includes Copy of Paste – a humorist movie about computer icons living their own lives in a computer world, Unfinished Story – movie on the massive die-off of a beehive. He worked together with his professor Ilja Bereznickas on the movie Cyber Pirate.

Julius Zubavičius (LT) obtained a Multimedia Director BA degree. In 2011, Julius moved to London to further his film sound designer career, where he continues to live and work. Julius has been working on more than 30 film projects as a sound designer, recordist, and composer, including short animation film Digital Voodoo.