Image of Dorian Rigal Minuit

Dorian Rigal Minuit

Artist @ Minuit

Minuit (Dorian Rigal, FR), light and digital artist, was born in 1987 in Montmorency, France.

Graduate of the National School of Architecture of Paris Val de Seine (ENSAPVS) in 2011, he explores the nocturnal world. He proposes to inhabit the urban night, symbol of an uninhibited freedom, in opposition to the constraining social codes of the day. It is through this prism that he uses digital art: architectural projection, animated film, screen sculpture and virtual reality to create an imaginary world where, like the surrealists, the harshness of reality is deformed to become a fantastic landscape.

His work has been screened in several international mapping festivals such as Nuit Blanche (2015 and 2017, Paris), Vivid Festival (2020, Sydney) as well as fairs such as Art Basel (2016 and 2019) and Art Paris (2017). He presents his paintings and sculptures during the exhibitions Atmosphères (Paris, 2021) and Au Delà des Pixels (Paris, 2022). He presents his first short film at the Galerie Perrotin, Paris in 2022.

He created in 2018 the Neon Minuit duo in which he explores the concept of interactive short film: the border between film and video game. This collaboration allows them to obtain the interactivity prize at the 360 ​​Festival in 2020 and to be exhibited in 2020 at the Numix Festival (Montreal), RectoVerso (Laval), New Images Festival (Paris), FIVARS (Toronto), VRHam ! (Hamburg), Chroniques (Marseille), Taipei Film Festival and to perform at the Gaîté Lyrique from 2020 to 2022 and at the Cube in 2021. Together they create several hemispherical projection films screened at the Planetarium of Brasilia (2017), Bogota (2019 and 2022), Buenos Aires (2018) at SAT Fest (2020, Montreal).