Manuel Casasola Merkle and Moritz Schwind

Manuel Casasola Merkle & Moritz Schwind

Specialists in CG and Generative Design @ Entagma

Manuel Casasola Merkle (DE) and Moritz Schwind (DE) form the creative tech duo Entagma. After working commercially for clients like Nike, Audi, IBM or BMW, both decided to pursue their interest in generative design, algorithmic art, proceduralism and teaching.

Besides their commercial and personal projects in which they focus on procedural techniques and applying algorithms from fields such as bioinformatics, mathematics or physics to computer graphics, they publish tutorials on their findings and what they consider best practices. Thus they hope to spark interest in techniques and approaches sometimes perceived as obscure—as, in their opinion, the field of computer graphics needs to evolve past the clichéd spectacle of soulless VFX.

With their constant innovation-seeking approach, they keep inviting other fields into CG in hopes of mutual benefit—in the long-standing tradition of science-inspiring art and vice versa.

Manuel Casasola Merkle (*1974) is a professor of Computer Generated Images at Nuremberg Tech, focusing on research and teaching concepts, theory, algorithms, and practical aspects of CG pipelines.

Moritz Schwind (*1984) is a freelance art/tech director working in procedural techniques for commercial clients.