Giusy Caruso

Giusy Caruso & Bavo Van Kerrebroeck

Researchers @ Ghent University

Giusy Caruso (IT/BE) is an artist-researcher, musicologist, and professional concert pianist, oriented to a futuristic approach to music performance that connects art and science applications. Her research explores on one side the novel forms of human-machine interaction, in particular, the role of the cutting-edge technology for the analysis of gestures and sound in piano playing and the creation of contemporary multimedia performances; on the other side, it focuses on the effect of the human-to-human entrainment experiences, specifically in projects that combine music, dance, and theatre. Under the areas of Systematic Musicology and Embodied Music Cognition that integrates theoretical/cognitive, practical/empirical, and creative perspectives, her Ph.D. research work contributed to renovating the traditional way of observing and analyzing music performance by developing a method grounded on the use of “technology-enhanced mirror”.

The interests of Bavo Van Kerrebroeck (BE) are related to musical interaction and the role of technology. His research is situated in the fields of embodied (musical) interaction, augmented reality, and sonification of movement. He is currently passionate about and working with motion capture and audio spatialization technologies to enable and investigate synchronization between musical players using movement and sound. This research is informed and guided by insights from the dynamical systems and (machine) learning literature.