Image of Johannes Pfeifer

Johannes Pfeifer

Creative Director @ Lightword Productions

After finishing his Media Technology and Design and Digital Arts studies in Hagenberg, Johannes Pfeifer (DE) worked on several AA PC and console games, like Tropico 6 and Might & Magic: Heroes 7, at the German developer Limbic Entertainment. As part of the content design team, he primarily worked on Level Design, Lighting, Cut-Scenes, managing the Narrative Design internally and with external partners, and presenting the different projects on international conventions and events.

During this time, he also had the pleasure of being a lecturer at SAE Frankfurt for Lighting, Cinematics, and Materials in Unreal Engine 4. He hosted a workshop on a similar topic at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus.

In April 2019 he joined the Stuttgart based start-up Lightword Productions as Creative Director, where he is now part of a small team, working on the episodic 3rd-person story adventure “One of 500”, which allows players to explore the events of the Gospels in the culturally and historically authentic world of Palestine 30 AD.