Kate Steenhauer, Andrew Starkey & Jack Caven

Kate Steenhauer, Andrew Starkey & Jack Caven

Contemporary Artist @ katesteenhauer.com

Kate Steenhauer (UK) is a visual artist whose practice explores the dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other art forms, technology and their relationship with its audience. This moves visual art as a traditionally static experience into a dynamic interactive art form that is temporal, transient and transformational. Multidisciplinary collaborations include dance, opera, music, sound, verbatim, and artificial intelligence. These productions can be viewed through the mediums of theatre, film, (live) audio-visual installation and artwork. She also has a large portfolio capturing contemporary life at some of Scotland’s most iconic industries using printmaking and oil painting techniques.

Andrew Starkey (UK) is a senior lecturer in the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen. He has over twenty years of experience in artificial intelligence (AI). His research focuses on automated data analysis using AI techniques, explainable AI, virtual reality, and autonomous learning for robots.

Jack Caven (UK) is a software engineer and aspiring entrepreneur. He has recently graduated from the University of Aberdeen, where he completed a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. For his final-year honors thesis, Jack undertook the challenge of applying artificial intelligence to convert the process of a painting being constructed into music. This project has since turned into his first entrepreneurial endeavor: Painting Music.