Klaudiusz Wesolowski

Klaudiusz Wesołowski

Senior Character Modeler @ Platige Image

Director and modelling artist Kladiusz Wesolowski (PL) was born in 1983. From the beginning of high school until college graduation, he was deeply involved in classical sculpture, drawing and painting. In 2011, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and in 2007, he started developing his skills in 3D graphics. In 2013, he started working as a modeler and 3D scanning specialist at the studio Platige Image. He was involved in the creation of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, “The Division 2”, “Crossfire HD” and “Metro Exodus – Artyom’s Nightmare” and many cinematic trailers for industry-leading game developers and publishers. He also worked on such productions as “Wonder Woman” and “Love, Death & Robots”.