Images of Lana Tankosa Nikolic & Rameshnath Krishnasamy

Lana Tankosa Nikolic & Rameshnath Krishnasamy

Producer & Postdoctoral Researcher @ White Hole Theater, Late Love Production, The Animation Workshop - VIA University College & Aalborg University

Lana (DK) is an established producer of award-winning animation and immersive multimedia projects embracing animation, digital arts, VR, theatre, and performance. She is the founder and owner of Late Love Production. She works part-time as a project leader in the Research and Development Department at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College. She is the producer and co-founder of White Hole Theater and the chairperson and event manager of PLASTIC Collective. Her films and VR projects have won prices at more than 60 festivals, among them The Golden Lion for Best Immersive Experience at Venice Biennale, a Crystal in Annecy, Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig, and The Golden Dragon at Krakow.

Rameshnath Krishnasamy, Ph.D. (DK), is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalborg University, at the Department of Communication and Psychology, specializing in human-computer interaction and game design as both a researcher and educator. With a background in user-centered design processes, Rameshnath’s research focuses on designing, developing, and evaluating interactive systems that provide users with meaningful, engaging, and effective experiences—an intersection of user experience and usability engineering. His current focus is on emerging experience technologies: computer technologies as an evocative medium to create meaningful user experiences. In this frame, the current understanding of technology is constantly questioned in order to explore the frontier and nudge it forward.