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Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf

Artists @ DEPART

Leonhard Lass (* 1978, visual artist, AT) and Gregor Ladenhauf (* 1978, sound artist, AT) both live and work in Vienna, where they steadily advance their shared vision of multimedia poetry. One of the main goals of DEPART is the conception and realization of predominantly surreal immersions. Over the course of their long-lasting collaboration, both artists have found a specific audiovisual style and aesthetic approach. It allows them to conceive of AV-experiences with an enigmatic and mysterious appeal, often loaded with hidden meaning and reference. At the same time, they try to use complex algorithms and generative systems in a way to build worlds and situations that emphasize contemplation and the power of poetry. They also like to deliberately challenge the viewer’s perception and put it to the test through an overload of information. In their work, often linguistic experiments and wordplay form an etymological playground for a meeting of myths, rituals, and contemporary technology.
The magical effect of surprising and synchronous occurrences and the unexpected combination or mutation of familiar symbols and metaphors are the means to DEPART’s attempt to achieve the goal of creating moments of maximum coherence and impact.