Images of Lucy Hammond & Dirk Neldner

Lucy Hammond & Dirk Neldner

Project Producer & Artistic Director @ PlayOn!

Lucy (UK) is Projects Producer at Pilot Theatre and Creative Producer/Director for their projects that use immersive technology. Her work is focused on immersive and interactive storytelling. Her most recent projects include ’The Archive’, an interactive game exploring happiness and the VR experience ‘Monoliths’, celebrating the voices of northern women and the northern landscape. Lucy’s 2019 VR piece, ‘Traitor’ which combines virtual reality, film and a live actor premiered in competition at Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Lucy was shortlisted for Content Creator at the Arts Council England Digital Culture Awards 2023. She is passionate about supporting young people and those looking to enter the creative industries and has been a mentor for SiGN, BBC New Creatives, National Saturday Club workshop leader and a speaker for the BFI Film Academy.

Born in Hamburg, Dirk (DE) has worked as a cultural manager and developer for various theaters and cultural organizations.
He has developed and directed numerous large international collaborative projects, each challenging the traditional theatre narrative and seeking contemporary extensions.
He is also developing his own digital AR theatre experiences, such as SAX@PLAY, which was invited to the 10th Theatre Olympics in Budapest.

Current projects are PlayOn! and ConnectUp ( ConnectUp establishes an international cultural initiative for the target group 12+ in order to counteract the process of increasing social and cultural division across Europe.