Marc Héricher

Marc Hericher

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Marc Hericher (FR) studied illustration and Fine Arts, and then animation at the Parisian ENSAD art school, with a marked taste for storytelling and video art. Since 2006, he works as an independent director or motion designer in the production of music videos, institutional films, documentaries, and personal films. Among his works, he directed the special effects of the feature film My Angel by Harry Cleven and an abstract video installation in a store in London. His films Corpus and Ollo have received many awards at festivals. Filmography: 25/75 (2006, 3′), La Théorie des ensembles (2007, 4′), Ollo (2008, 15′), Create Your Own World (2014, 1’12), Corpus (2015, 3’30), Automaphone (art vidéo, 2016, 1’37).