Yoichi Nagashima

Yoichi Nagashima

Professor @ Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Yoichi Nagashima (JP), composer/researcher/PE/PhD, was born in 1958 in Japan. He played many instruments, conducted Kyoto University Choir and composed over 100 choral music.

At Kawai Musical Instruments, he developed/designed/produced sound generator LSIs, electronic musical instruments and musical softwares.

From 1991, He has been the director of “Art & Science Laboratory” in Japan Hamamatsu, produces many interactive tools of real-time music performance with sensor/MIDI, cooperates some researchers and composers, and composes experimentally pieces. He is also a key-member of Japanese computer music community.

From 2000, he has been also the associate professor at SUAC(Shizuoka University of Art and Culture), Faculty of Design, Department of Art and Science, and teaches multi-media, computer music and media-art. As a composer of computer music, he collaborated many musicians in his composition. He organized and was the General Chair of NIME2004, started teaching the master course and he became the professor
of SUAC in 2007.

He supported over 160 works and projects of interactive/multimedia installations from 2000, composed/performed many works of computer music, and organized/performed many lectures/workshops in many places all over the world. He organized the ICEC2018 Tutorial Workshop Bio-sensing Platforms for “Wellness Entertainment” System Design.