Virtual Stages – Rebecca Merlic: GLITCHBODIES

The lecture at the Expanded Animation Symposium 2023 will explore GLITCHBODIES, a multi-platform project consisting of a visual novel game, VR-game experience, animation movie, and performance piece which presents the stories of 59 protagonists from different international cities. The project seeks to investigate new forms of feminism, queer transformations, and sensitive representations of the protagonists, to bring diverse perspectives into the male-dominated digital gaming world. A discussion of the project’s interactive digital space, which provides a safe platform for exploring alternative gender positions from a queer and political perspective, will be included in the presentation. The primary focus will be on the project’s mission of sharing the experiences of diverse individuals and celebrating its protagonists in the format of breaking the boundaries of performance art using game engines, live gaming, live sound creation.
Created through collaborations and rituals GLITCHBODIES explores new forms of feminism, LGBTQ+, Drag transformations and intimate sensitive representations of the protagonists and aims to bring them to a wider audience trough the stage of performance.
How can performers be represented in digital safer space and then be brought back to the analogue world to generate a new audiovisual Act of performance? What does it mean to provide a safer platform for non-heteronormative gender positions sharing the notion of queer as political attitude, providing new perspective for the player while celebrating its protagonists with motherly care?
How can new technologies and co-creative inclusive production processes blur the boundaries between digitality and virtuality and reality.