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This year’s Expanded Animation will take place at the skyloft in Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria.

Expanded Animation 2024

The twelfth edition of the Expanded Animation Symposium, organized by the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Ars Electronica, will take place from September 5th to 7th as part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2024.

Location: skyloft at Ars Electronica Center, Ars-Electronica-Straße 1, 4040 Linz, Austria


LUCID by Celine Pham
© Celine Pham, LUCID (2023).

EXPANDED ANIMATION 2024 – Conference on Animation and Interactive Art

Deadline extended to May 19th, 2024!

The Expanded Animation Conference will take place from September 5th to 7th as part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2024. This call for paper focuses on academic art papers in the field of Expanded Animation and Interactive Art that explore and experiment with visual expression at the intersection of art, and technology. This year, we will have two new categories (Art Research Paper and Art Paper), where submissions will undergo a rigorous double-blind review process. All selected speakers will be given a free pass to the Ars Electronica Festival.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D Scanning
  • AI-generated Images
  • Artistic Computer Animation
  • Audio-visual Experiments
  • Data Journalism and Animated Documentary
  • Data Visualizations
  • Digital Media Art History
  • Digital, Hybrid, and Expanded Theater
  • Expanded Animation
  • Generative Art
  • Human-AI interaction and Human-AI collaboration
  • Hybrids between Animation and Game
  • Media Facades
  • Music Visualization
  • New approaches to artistic research and practice-based methodologies
  • Performance Projects
  • Playful Interactions and Experiences
  • Projection Mapping
  • Projects using NFT, Metaverse, Social Media
  • Reactive and Interactive audio/visual Work
  • Real-time CG
  • Scientific Visualizations
  • Site-specific Installations
  • Sound Art and Soundscapes
  • Tangible Interfaces and New Forms of Experiences
  • Transmedia Narratives
  • Virtual Humans and Environments
  • Virtual Production
  • VR, AR, MR, XR

Submission Categories

  • Art Research Paper (ACM double-column format)
    • Focus on theory and context.
    • 4–6 pages (excluding references)
    • Presentation: 10 min. + panel discussion
    • Submissions will be reviewed
  • Art Paper  (ACM double-column format)
    • Focus on artwork, case study, and work in progress.
    • 2–4 pages (excluding references), incl. video documentation
    • Presentation: 10 min. + panel discussion
    • Not reviewed (jury selection)
    • No exhibition or on-site demonstration

Important Dates

  • Submission site open: March 1st, 2024
  • Submission deadline: May 4th, 2024, 23:59 (AoE) May 19th, 2024, 23:59 (AoE)
  • Decision notification: End of June 2024
  • Conference days: September 5th to 7th 2024


Submission is via Easy Chair at where you will be prompted to set up a free Easy Chair account if you don’t have one already.

All submitted papers should be fully anonymized.
Please exclude any author and institution information from the author list on the title page, remove author information from all paper headers, and remove any clues that would directly identify any of the authors. Please anonymize your submission file. Please also check that your PDF creator programs did not include author information in the metadata.

Citations of your own published work (including online) should be in the third person, in a manner that is not traceable to the identity of the authors. For example, the wording “in [4], Valley and Sea have proposed…” is acceptable, whereas “in [4], we have proposed…” is not. (Where reference [4] is listed explicitly as “Valley, D. and Sea, A., Detecting Valley and Sea, In Proc. XYZ ’24, 901–911.”)

Please refrain from mentioning the name of your institution in the study approval statement. For example, do not say, “Our study was approved by the IRB board at the University of Arts,” as that reveals your university’s name.

Please do not include an “acknowledgments” section in the submission. If your Art Paper is accepted, you will submit a revised version that identifies you and your co-authors, your affiliations, and any appropriate acknowledgments.”


You are invited to submit in the double-column paper format using the ACM master template:

Please also use these templates when preparing your camera-ready version.


All selected papers will be included in a proceedings document published at Ars Electronica Archive and Expanded Animation.

Ars Electronica Archive:
Expanded Animation website:


The conference will be held at the Ars Electronica Centre as part of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.
The media festival will take place from the 4th to the 8th of September 2024:


The speakers for Expanded Animation 2024 have yet to be confirmed. We’ll update this section with more details when available.


The program for this year’s symposium will be announced shortly.


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Expanded Animation Publication

Expanded Animation – Mapping and Unlimited Landscape

The symposium Expanded Animation began in 2013 and offered a first approach to the expanding field of computer animation. It has since become an established part of the Ars Electronica Animation Festival and the international competition Prix Ars Electronica Computer Animation. Every year under an overarching theme, the symposium has researched the field of technology, art, animation, and aesthetics, investigated the collapsing boundaries in digital animation, and explored positions and future trends. As with the first conferences on computer animation at Ars Electronica in the 1980s, practice and theory are equally important. The richly illustrated publication Expanded Animation: Mapping an Unlimited Landscape features contributions from speakers and artists from the past six years and presents an overview of the prize winners in prix category Computer Animation from 2011 to 2018.

250 pages, 250 Illustrations



Videos from Expanded Animation 2023.



The symposium has been made possible through a collaboration between the Digital Media department at the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and the Ars Electronica Festival. We want to thank the following sponsors for their support.

Supported by


General Chair

Juergen Hagler, Ars Electronica, AT

TPCs Art Research Track

Victoria Szabo, Duke University, US
Philipp Wintersberger, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

TPCs Art Track

Varvara Guljajeva, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CN
Bonnie Mitchell, Bowling Green State University, US

Panel Chairs

Michael Lankes, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT
Alexander Wilhelm, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

Inclusion Chairs

Jeremiah Diephuis, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT
Kathrin Probst, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

Web, Social Media & Publication Chairs

Wolfgang Hochleitner, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT
Victoria Wolfersberger, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

Event Production Chairs

Patrick Proier, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT
Christoph Schaufler, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

Axel Bauer | Production Director & Graphics, FH OÖ
Simona Beck | Studio Engineering, FH OÖ
Selina Behrens | Graphics & Studio Engineering, FH OÖ
Susanne Divacka | Photo Documentation, FH OÖ
Simone Feldbacher | Associate Director, FH OÖ
Miriam Feldner | Audio, FH OÖ
River Gadermaier | Production Director, Associate Director, FH OÖ
Nils Gallist | Social Media, FH OÖ
Sarah Haim | Camera, FH OÖ
Marlene Kremsmayr | Associate Director, Studio Engineering & Web, FH OÖ
Kevin La | Production Director, Graphics, Photo Documentation & Web, FH OÖ
Daniel Leichinger | Production Director, FH OÖ
Selina Mensah
| Camera & Trailer, FH OÖ
Hannah Ofner | Audio, FH OÖ
Lilith-Isa Samer | Audio & Social Media, FH OÖ
Leonie Sametinger | Studio Engineering, FH OÖ
Anton Schneeberger | Camera, FH OÖ
Vivian Seidl | Social Media, FH OÖ
Martin Siedler | Audio & Trailer, FH OÖ
Nana Thurner | Moderation, ASIFA Austria
Jennifer Ye | Web, FH OÖ

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